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Become a Branch Leader

The IPOKRaTES program is coordinated by Josef Neu, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA, Chairman of the IPOKRaTES Foundation and the Chief-Executive-Officer of the IPOKRaTES Foundation Mag. Anja Lenhart, Vienna, Austria.

An International Advisory Board actively participates in the conception of the IPOKRaTES curriculum, identifies qualified faculty, and teachers in their respective fields of specialization.

IPOKRaTES currently provides 10 branches organizing educational programs.


Neonatal Respiratory Prof. Martin Keszler

Prof. Martin Keszler
Brown University, Women and Infants Hospital
Providence RI, USA

E-Mail: mkeszler@wihri.org

Neonatal Nutrition, Metabolism + Gastroenterology Prof. Josef Neu

Neonatal Hemodynamic

General Neonatology Prof. Peter G. Davis

Neonatal Neurology Prof. Roberta M. Cilio

Renal Disorders in Neonates

Neonatal Pharmacology Prof. Tom Young

Pediatric Intensiv Care Prof. Tony Woodward

Pediatric Endocrinology Prof. Wolfgang Högler

Pediatric Surgery Prof. Oliver Münsterer

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Anja Lenhart


Annette Oehmann

IPOKRaTES Headoffice

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