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IPOKRaTES seminars are held at various locations throughout the world


IPOKRaTES organizes seminars designed for highly motivated and promising students as well as postgraduate doctors of every level from interns to established specialists. These seminars have been conceived to complement existing academic curricula, to help professionals keep abreast of the most important recent developments in their fields, and to develop the research abilities of gifted researchers further.


We only select professors who are renowned scientists, outstanding clinicians as well as gifted teachers for our seminars. IPOKRaTES seminars are well known for their unique approach, atmosphere and spirit. In order to guarantee personal interaction between participants and faculty, seminars are limited in size.


IPOKRaTES is based on the commitment of volunteers, especially your commitment as a local host of an IPOKRaTES seminar.


In principle, the local host is responsible for the local issues, while the IPOKRaTES Foundation provides speakers and the program. The choice of seminar type is made in consultation with the IPOKRaTES Foundation Board Chair or IPOKRaTES Branch Leader. To ensure the best possible hosting experience for our hosts, IPOKRaTES provides a dedicated team that will be there for you every step of the way.


IPOKRaTES has grown into a globally successful educational community through the personal contributions of many colleagues like you.


IPOKRaTES not only provides excellent education and seminars, but also cultivates personal relationships and friendships among its activists.


Are you interested in hosting such an IPOKRaTES seminar at your site and bringing the world to your home?


Become a member of this worldwide IPOKRaTES community. We will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know in order to qualify as an IPOKRaTES host.

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