IPOKRaTES seminars provide high-quality education in form of small group seminars that enables professionals to keep abreast of the most recent developments, and offer participants the opportunity to discuss practical problems or scientific issues personally with international experts.


IPOKRaTES-tv-teleducation presents lectures held by IPOKRaTES faculty at IPOKRaTES seminars, renowned, excellent lecturers!


WikIpokrates offers a forum for medical doctors to discuss clinical and scientific issues and an open source of medical knowledge.


Humanities offer publications of texts and audio recordings of lectures, seminars, discussions held at various sites and countries of the world. It include all those sciences not confined to empirical methods, which deal with the Conditio Humana, traditionally Philosophy,Theology, History, Law, Literature, classical and ancient studies.

Latest Events

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    Innsbruck, Austria
    » Asnes D., Harvard Med School, USA
    » Peckins Chr., Harvard Med School, USA

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    Zhengzhou, Henan, China
    » Juul S., University of Washington, Seattle Children's Hospital, USA
    » Navarro S., Innsbruck Medical University, Austria
    » Oei Ju-Lee, The Royal Hospital for Women, University of New South Wales Randwick, Australia
    » van Bel F., University Med. Center Utrecht, The Netherlands


  • IATRIKO KENTRO Conference Center, Athens, Greece
    » Charmandari E., University of Athens, Medical School, Greece
    » Chrousos G., University of Athens, Medical School, Greece
    » Dattani M., Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, UK
    » Hussain K., Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, UK
    » Högler W., Birmingham Children's Hospital, UK
    » Kanaka-Gantenbein Chr., University of Athens, Medical School, Greece
    » Krone, N., University of Birmingham, School of Clinical and Expirimental Medicine, UK
    » Wudy, St., University of Giessen, Germany

    The EOF has recognized this IPOKRaTES seminar on Endocrinology of the Newborn and the Infant for support by Pharmaceutical Companies.

  • Porto, Portugal, Eurostars Oporto Hotel, Rua do Mestre Guilherme Camarinha, 212;
    » Jobe Alan, Cincinnati University, USA
    » Keszler M., Brown University, Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island, USA
    » Marlow N., University College, UK
    » Vento Maximo, University & Polytechnic Hospital La Fe, Spain

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    Oman, Shangri-La, Muscat
    » Davis P.G., The Royal Women's Hospital, University of Melbourne, Australia
    » Hummler H., Medical University Ulm, Germany
    » Roehr, Ch. C., Oxford University Hospital, UK
    » Cheong, J., The Royal Women's Hospital, University of Melbourne, Australia

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    Penang, Malaysia; Allied Health Centre of Excellence, Level 5, Wawasan Open University, 54, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
    » Alexander K., Nemours Children's Hospital, USA
    » Starke J.R., Baylor College of Medicine, USA
    » Maldonado Y. A., Stanford University School of Medicine, USA
    » Polin R., Columbia University, USA
    » Stanberry L.R., Columbia University, USA

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    Avignon, France
    » Summer conference on neonatology

    The IPOKRaTES Foundation endorses this postgraduate UPDATE program.

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    Mainz, Germany
    » Ciecierega, Th., USA
    » Foker J. E., University of Minnesota, USA
    » Georgeson K.E., USA
    » Gitter H., Germany
    » Harmon C.M., USA
    » Huss, M., Germany
    » Keller, K.-M., Germany
    » Lochbühler, H., Germany
    » Manco M., Italy
    » Muensterer, O. J., Germany
    » Rothenberg S., Colorado University, USA
    » Rubino, F., UK
    » Tipnis, N., USA
    » Widenmann-Grolig, A., Germany
    » Worgall, S., USA
    » Zarnegar, R., USA

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    Bari, Italy - Sala dell'Acquedotto Pugliese, Via S. Cognetti 36
    » Hay William, University of Colorado School of Medicine, USA
    » Indrio F., University of Bari, Italy
    » Jaksic T., Children's Hospital Boston, USA
    » Lane R., University of Utah, Division of Neonatology, USA
    » Neu Josef, University of Florida, College of Medicine, USA

Important Books

Preemie Voices
Young man and woman born very prematurely describe their lives, challenges and achievements
Saroj Saigal - see and order

Beyond the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Linda S. de Vries & ingrid C. van(...)
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Summer conference on neonatology

IPOKRaTES Foundation endorses this Avignon postgraduate UPDATE program.

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IPOKRaTES Foundation, accredited in April 14, 2011 as a non-profit Foundation in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, started its first annual agenda with Jan 1, 2012. IPOKRaTES Foundation is the successor organization of IPOKRaTES society and initiative, founded by George Simbruner in 1980 in Dürnleis, Austria.
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