UENPS/IPOKRaTES 2020 Seminars

Here you can access the UENPS/IPOKRaTES 2020 seminars.

A Provision of the Pandemic – let’s take stock of the situation

This international forum is focused on an overview of the most critical aspects of how the current COVID-19 pandemic effects pregnant women, fetus, newborn, children and families. It presents up to date information pertaining to the pandemic and provides information as to how to best control the current breakout and prevent or at least mitigate the effects of future pandemics.


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IPOKRaTES-tv-teleducation presents lectures held by IPOKRaTES faculty at IPOKRaTES seminars, held by other renowned, excellent lecturers and educational films of medical experts.

IPOKRaTES wishes you joy in learning at IPO-tv-Teleducation!
George Simbruner
Founder IPOKRaTES Foundation


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