what´s IPOKRaTES Students

IPOKRaTES Students is part of IPOKRaTES international, founded 1984 by Prof. Dr. Simbruner. 1994 the first seminars for students were performed. The number of seminars are continously growing, not only in Germany, Austria and Slovenia.

the aim is

to offer highly motivated students the opportunity to learn and improve their clinical skills

the week course

in only one week of intensive bedside-teaching you will learn how to give a patient`s case history systematically, subject specific examination techniques and ways of presenting a case using chosen patients

excellent guestprofessors from all over the world

since 1994 different professors from Germany, Canada, Austria, South Africa, Great Britain and United States were gained for IPOKRaTES Students Seminars

the close contact to the professors

combined with strict evaluation promises excellent teaching in a language understandable for students

lectures and teachings in small groups

seminar size is limited in order to guarantee personal interaction between the participants and the professors

the teaching

discussion of the further diagnostic procedure and possible therapy learning about the most important diseases of the seminars subject using case-studies

the organisation

we are a non governmental, non-profit student initiative committed to the sharing of medical knowledge to all interested students

Seminar with Professor Ian Fellows in Innsbruck (Austria) 2007


Why is IPOKRaTES Students so successful?

  • Where can you meet the finest teachers from all over the world in a private and relaxing atmosphere?
  • Where can you learn and acquire clinical skills from the best teachers worldwide?
  • Where can you get a summary over a whole clinical subject in just one week?

IPOKRaTES Students is working for a more interesting, practical and clinical way of medical education.

Our students seminars are based on bedside-teaching and problem-based learning.

The small size of the seminars will guarantee optimal conditions for intensive studying.


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The International Federation of Medical Students` Associations (IFMSA) is an independent, non-governmental and non-political federation of medical students` associations throughout the world.


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