what´s IPOKRaTES postgraduates

IPOKRaTES high level postgraduate seminars are well known for their unique atmosphere and spirit of teaching.

IPOKRaTES postgraduate seminars are designed for:

  • highly motivated and promising graduate
  • post-graduate students as well as
  • established specialists

These seminars have been conceived:

  • to supplement existing academic curricual,
  • to help professionals keep abreast of the most important recent developments in their fields on one hand, and
  • to develop the research qualities of young, talented researches on the other.

Seminar size is limited

in order to guarantee personal interaction between the participants and the distinguished faculty.

Excellent seminars

A review of our course evaluations by the participants over the last seventeen years demonstrates the highest level of satisfaction. The anonymous evaluation by participants of the seminar focuses on the didactic quality, contents of teaching and competence of the teacher. The evaluation scale ranges from 1 to 5, where 1 indicates the BEST and 5 the WORST performance. The meaning of 1,3 is, that 70% of the audience rated the seminar with the best possible mark 1 and 30% with the mark 2. Naturally there are some participants giving a mark 3 or 4 or 5 but then these are compensated more marks of 1 or 2.



Distinguished professors are selected because they are gifted teachers and distinguished experts in their field.


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