Dear Members of the IPOKRaTES Family,

As we are all experiencing consequences from this global pandemic, the IPOKRaTES Foundation would like to reach out to all of you with our best wishes for your health and safety. Times like these can bring out the best and the worst in us. I personally am seeing both. On the one side, I am seeing my colleagues, nurses, physicians, therapists, janitors, and others take long shifts working in the hospital despite all the anxieties related to their own health. I see new scientific initiatives every day related to treatment and prevention of this scourge. On the other side, I see the number of deaths, loss of employment, and uncertain futures for so many. There is also divisiveness and finger pointing at others to try to place blame, only amplifying an already horrible situation.

Although different in many ways, there were global divisions that existed over 30 years ago. Georg Simbruner’s vision, aptitude and hard work led to the organization of IPOKRaTES, that has developed into a global institution that builds bridges between people of the world through educational activities, most of which are focused on our most precious resource, children.

The momentum of IPOKRaTES’ activities may temporarily be diverted, but we plan to continue our global educational activities, learning from this challenge and coming out stronger. Currently, we are working on some interesting and creative ways to ensure that we keep communicating and working together. We all do not have the same resources and requirements, so please let us know if you have any suggestions that might work best for your region.

Currently, it appears that the classic IPOKRaTES seminars need to be temporarily on hold until we are confident about the safety of all involved. In the meantime, we are brainstorming ideas and will keep you informed as we proceed.

Warmest regards,
Josef Neu, M.D.
Professor of Pediatrics
Chairman of the Board
IPOKRaTES Foundation