IPOKRaTES Foundation

A non-profit Foundation accredited 2011, April 14 (§ 80 BGB, § 5 StiftG Baden-Württemberg, Germany)


Neu Josef, University of Florida, USA


Aschner Judy, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York, USA
Seri Istvan, Sidra Medical and Research Center, Doha Qatar
Vogelsang Vanessa, Technical University Munich,  Germany
van Kaam Anton, University of Amsterdam,  The Netherlands

Board Members:

Keszler Martin, Brown University, USA
Polin Richard, Columbia University, USA
Cilio Roberta M., University of Louvain, Brussles, Belgium
Davis Peter G., University of Melbourne, Australia
Fiedler Bastian, Mannheim, Germany
Müller Sarina, Munich, Germany
Bante David, Friedberg, Germany
von Perfall Bernadette, Munich, Germany
Simbruner Laurenz, Vienna, Austria


Simbruner Georg, Vienna, Austria


Mag. Anja Lenhart

IPOKRaTES 30th Anniversary Celebration
by Judy Aschner




The IPOKRaTES program is coordinated by George Simbruner, Professor emeritus of Pediatrics at the Medical University Innsbruck and Chief-Executive-Officer IPOKRaTES Foundation.

An International Advisory Board actively participates in the conception of the IPOKRaTES curriculum, identifies qualified faculty, and teachers in their respective fields of specialization.

IPOKRaTES currently provides 13 branches organizing educational programs:




Pediatic Cardiology Professor Norman Silverman Stanford University, Stanford, USA
Pediatric Pulmonology Professor Andreas Bush Professor of Paediatric Respirology, Imperial School of Medicine at National Heart and Lung Institute, London, UK
Pediatric Endocrinology Professor Wolfgang Högler Birmingham Children`s Hospital, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Pediatric Intensive Care & Emergency Professor Tony Woodward Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle, USA
Neonatal Respiratory Professor Martin Keszler Brown University, USA
Neonatal Nutrition, Metab & Gastrointest Professor Josef Neu Univ. of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, USA
Neonatal Hemodynamics Professor Istvan Seri Sidra Medical and Research Center, Doha, Qatar
Renal Disorders in Neonates Professor Jean-Pierre Guignard University Lausanne, Switzerland
Neonatal Pharmacology Professor Tom Young Wake Forest University, USA
General Neonatology Professor Peter Davis The Royal Women’s Hospital, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
Neonatal Neurology Professor Roberta Maria Cilio University of California, San Francisco, USA
Neonatal & Pediatric Surgery Professor Oliver Münsterer Universitätsmedizin Mainz, Germany
Ped. Cardiac Intensive Care
Neonatal Respiratory Professor Anton van Kaam University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands



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