IPOKRaTES was founded on the belief that

  • the quest for knowledge should be an essential virtue in one’s life.
  • Knowledge is not sought for the accumulation of worldly prestige, power or wealth.
  • Knowledge should be sought to improve the human condition.


non profit,
non governmental


IPOKRaTES strives to provide the best possible postgraduate education in the field of biomedical sciences in form of seminars, which are held by most distinguished experts in their field, and to transfer and exchange scientific knowledge with all colleagues of all countries independent of race, colour, religion or political system as a non-profit seeking, charitable movement.


We believe a selection of few distinguished professors is essential for quality teaching. We also believe that a small group of individuals can be offered more in matter of relevant and modern topics than a mass audience. IPOKRaTES thus is dedicated to the international transfer of knowledge, postgraduate as well as graduate education and research at the highest levels.


IPOKRaTES organizes seminars designed for highly motivated and promising graduate and post-graduate students as well as established specialists. These seminars have been conceived to supplement existing academic curricula, to help professionals keep abreast of the most important recent developments in their fields on one hand, and to develop the research qualities of young, talented researchers on the other.


  • provide excellent biomedical education
  • foster young researchers and scientists
  • engage in issues of health and education, social justice and human dignity worldwide


  • teaching and learning as a form of spiritual life
  • few excellent professors instead of many mediocre
  • teach individuals within a group
  • help each who is in need and whom can be helped


IPOKRaTES seminars are offered mainly in the fields of pediatrics & neonatology, but also in adult medicine.

About IPOKRaTES – by Judy Aschner

If you would like to know more about IPOKRaTES, please watch the great presentation about IPOKRaTES by Judy Aschner!

About IPOKRaTES – by Georg Simbruner

Leuven, 20.09.14


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